Inside eerie brothel up for sale which was left untouched after being abandoned


A brothel which has been left untouched since it was abandoned in the 90s has been put on the market with many of its original features still in place.

The former location of Janie’s Ranch sits close to Montgomery Pass in Nevada – the only state in the US to allow some legal prostitution.

Standing alone in the ‘middle of nowhere’ out in the desert, eerie images inside the abandoned brothel capture a glimpse into the lives of those who worked there and those who visited.

Many of the walls and floors have caved in after being left to rot, with the building divided into many smaller rooms inside using makeshift wooden frames as paritions.

Almost all furniture and decor has been stripped from the bedrooms and parlour rooms, with a heart-shaped hole in the floor hinting at where a bathtub once sat.

It also shows torn up carpets along the hall, wallpaper peeling off the walls and shattered glass scattered across the floor.

A couple of dilapidated bed frames remain in place, including one left in the middle of what appears to be a master bedroom, with bright purple fabric on the walls and a pink carpet.

The ranch, which is now on sale for £146,000, is believed to have shut its doors in the 1990s and used to advertise its services in towns around towns on the border of California.

The bungalow comprises a series of trailers built next to one another with bedrooms and parlours featuring novelty round beds and coloured carpeted walls covered with dust and debris.

Images from the outside show the property’s exterior to have also become run down, standing very much alone in a vast dusty desert space in front of a backdrop of rolling mountainside.

A large sign has recently been placed outside to advertise the former brothel as up for sale – and could be the perfect project home for someone wanting to make a space their own.

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