Real Estate Agent’s Zillow Listing Goes Viral Thanks To Bigfoot


Daniel Oster spent $250 on a Sasquatch costume in order to market a house listed at nearly $1 million.

A real estate agent’s Zillow listing has gone big-time viral thanks to a little help from Bigfoot.

Daniel Oster was getting ready to list a five-bedroom, three-bath home in Felton, California, when he decided to do a little something extra to make the home stick out to buyers.

So he had photos taken of himself in a Sasquatch costume doing all the things that less-hairy residents might do in the abode.

Like baking cookies …

Oster doesn’t remember exactly why he decided to use Bigfoot to market the house, but he noted there is a “kitschy Bigfoot museum” not far away.

“It popped into my mind,” Oster told HuffPost. “I suggested it to the sellers and they were immediately on board ― that surprised me.”

“My wife convinced me this would work and we came up with fun ideas for photos.”

Actually playing the legendary creature wasn’t as much fun, Oster admits. The $250 Bigfoot costume was “very hot and uncomfortable,” he said.

Luckily, the shoot only took an hour.

“We came prepared,” Oster said.

But he wasn’t ready for the reaction the Sasquatch snapshots would receive. The Zillow listing has been viewed more than 400,000 times since he posted it a few days ago, he told San Francisco TV station KGO.

Even better: He’s already gotten offers that exceed the $999,000 listed price.

Although some other agents have told Oster they might copy his approach, he sees his Bigfoot modeling career as a one-time thing.

“I think doing it again might lead to diminishing returns,” he said.